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Two Components

GNS is a group of companies in China, largest PU foam manufacturer and PU foam supplier in China and the top 3 in Asia. In addition to PU foam, the company also produces silicone sealant, other sealants and adhesives.

The use of two components PU spray foam requires spraying equipment. The main function of the two components PU spray foam is sealing and caulking. After the foam is cured, it can have the effect of sealing, waterproofing and heat preservation. It applies to all kinds of thermal insulation engineering which uses the spray technology, such as cold rooms, aluminum, large-scale pipelines and construction metope etc. with fine and uniformity cells, low thermal conductivity and perfect flame resistance.

GNS has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, the manual type PU foam products have been sold to more than 78 countries and regions in the world, meet and through the EU, Australia and other relevant quality certification.
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